subaru 2014

Also pleased that at the helm in the neutral position, the subaru 2014 linear communication was significantly improved. In the B-type there was an unpleasant inconvenience, the car began to react sharply and late to the turn of the steering wheel, and the subaru 2014 STI Sport had an instant reaction to light steering movements. However, not so much that it became difficult to manage because of too acute reaction. Such a stable dynamics in the speed of rotation is admirable: “But this is the subaru 2014 STI-class!”.

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It seems, you can even turn off the subaru 2014 stabilization system and completely entrust the management of the driver, as they do with sports cars. The machine turned out really so pleasant that it occurred to me that such an idea. That’s what I could say about the silence and high quality of the subaru 2014 STI Sport model, a car with excellent driving and handling. subaru 2014 car with its excellent balance is able to satisfy the demands of any driver.