We lower the windows and let in cool air. We really enjoyed driving the shevrolet Camaro around the city streets. The reduced weight of the shevrolet Camaro and its excellent reflexes provided him with a brilliant performance on the track, in sharp turns and sharp acceleration. shevrolet was very, very good. In this test, we tested an eight-speed “automatic”, which, it should be noted, is much better than the outgoing six-stage unit.

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As a result of the two trips, we can safely say that the new shevrolet Camaro is easier to manage. His predecessor used every opportunity to “wag his tail” at the exit of the turn – regardless of your desire. The new shevrolet model is more collected. The agile electric steering shevrolet rack provides an excellent understanding of what is happening with the wheels, not least thanks to the MacPherson front suspension on double levers